Zone Meeting Flower Show Highlights!

NOTG members working on flower arrangements

Floral Design

  • Linda Miller, 2nd place for her beautiful two-sided arrangement for Wonders of Restoration


  • Maria Wisdom, 2nd place for her photograph of birds for Wonders of Observation

Needle Arts

  • Kathy Eastman, Honorable mention for her beetle needlepoint canvas for Wonders of Delight


  • Maxine Fox, 2nd place for her Saintpaulia, or African violet
  • Flora French, 1st place for her Sarracenia flava, or Yellow Pitcher Plant (flower)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Sarracenia leucophylla, or Red Pitcher Plant (foliage)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Pinus palustris, or Longleaf pine
  • Shane French, 3rd place for her Drosera capillaris, or Sundew
  • Catherine Freeman, 1st place for her Clivia miniata, or Bush Lily
  • Ruthie Frierson, Honorable Mention for her Aechmea fasciata, or Bromeliad
  • Chrisie Kelleher, 1st place for her Graptopetalum payaguayense, or Ghost plant
  • Paige Morrison, Honorable Mention in the Challenge Class for her Lilium matrix, or Lily
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Cunninghamia
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Trachycarpus fortunei, or Windmill Palm

Three Cheers for Chrisie and Linda for representing NOTG!