Tulane Garden Library books

Tulane Garden Library

Founded in 1983, and given to Tulane in 1986, The Garden Library of the New Orleans Town Gardeners is an extensive collection of published works dealing with gardens, gardening, and related subjects. The library contains well over 1,000 volumes representing approximately 800 titles. 

Nouveau Jardinier de la LouisianeThough intended from the start to be general in scope, the Garden Library has consistently endeavored to emphasize southern United States gardens and gardening. Included in some of its important titles is the 1854 edition of Thomas Affleck’s Southern Rural Almanac, and a copy of J.F. Lelievre’s Nouveau Jardinier de la Louisiane (New Orleans, 1838), the first published work dealing specifically with gardening in Louisiana. Also of interest are the journals of Genevieve Munson Trimble, documenting her Afton Villa gardens in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

The Garden Library is open to the public during Tulane University Special Collections operating hours, Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm. Please email specialcollections@tulane.edu or call (504) 865-5685 for more information.