New Member Proposer & Endorser Form

General rules and guidelines for proposing a candidate for membership

  1. Each candidate must be proposed by one Active Member and endorsed by one Active Member.
  2. An Active member may propose only one and endorse only one candidate for membership in a given program year.
  3. When choosing a candidate, a sponsor and endorser must carefully consider whether the candidate’s interests and circumstances coincide with the activities and responsibilities normally assumed by New Orleans Town Gardeners members. We rely on sponsors to propose only the most qualified candidates and to determine that the timing of the proposal is consistent with the candidate’s ability to make a significant commitment to our club. The New Orleans Town Gardeners remains a most special organization because our members share a unique dedication to the purpose of the Garden Club of America and to the legacy of excellence that has evolved from our earlier members.
  4. A proposer and endorser are responsible for informing the candidate about the expectations for membership.
  5. If approved for membership, the proposer and endorser will be responsible for mentoring their candidate during the first year of membership. This includes but is not limited to attending a new member orientation with the candidate; encouraging and monitoring attendance and participation at club meetings, projects, fundraisers and other club sponsored events; and, continuing personal contact with the candidate to ensure a smooth transition into membership.
  6. No prospective member shall be informed that she is being considered for membership.
  1. Attend the new member orientation.
  2. Attend a minimum of 4 meetings during the program year (October – May).
  3. Serve as a meeting hostess once a year.
  4. Meet all annual financial obligations beginning in the first full program year following their invitation to membership: annual dues, assessments, one Ways and Means ticket, and a meeting hostess contribution.
  5. Serve for their first two years on one of the following committees: Conservation, Horticulture, or Flower Arranging – and at least one additional committee of their choosing.
  6. Participate in at least two projects annually (ie. P4P, Flower Show, AIB, etc.)
  7. A new member will not be a voting member until the first full program year following their invitation to membership.
  8. A new member will pay pro-rated dues for the remainder of the program year of which they are invited for membership. The new member is not obligated to pay a Ways and Means ticket obligation until they begin their first full year of membership during the following full program year.
  9. A candidate will have a 24-hour period immediately following the membership invitation to thoughtfully consider becoming a New Orleans Town Gardener member. After 24 hours, the Proposer and/or Endorser will contact the candidate for their decision.
  10. If a candidate declines the membership invitation, they will still be eligible for possible membership at another time in the future but will be required to be proposed again.
New Member Proposer and Endorser Form
Please include the Street, City, State and Zip Code
ie. horticulture, flower arranging, conservation, civc improvement, organizational skills, computer skills, fundraising skills, writing skills, finance, photography, graphic design, marketing/ communication, etc.


This form requires a proposer signature and an endorser signature. Please complete and PRINT THIS PAGE, then add your signatures and deliver the printed form to the Nominating Chair.

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