Louisiana Super Plants

Louisiana super plant

Autumn is the time to check out cool season annuals! There are many flowering and ornamental cool season plants for your gardens and containers. The list of Louisiana Super Plants that you might want to consider includes Supertunias, sorbet violas, Amazon dianthus, Swan Columbine (bottom circle, right) and Redbor kale (upper circle, right).

So what is a Supertunia? I think you can answer that question. It is a super performing petunia hybrid from Proven Winners. Two Louisiana Super Plants that are Petunia Winner hybrids are: Supertunia Vista Bubblegum petunia (Petunia x hybrida ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’), super plant for fall 2017, and this year’s super plant Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo petunia. Want to know more about these two gems? Read on…

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum is part of the Supertunia Vista© series from Proven Winners. Currently, there are six different color varieties in the series: Jazzberry, Silverberry, Snowdrift, Paradise, Bubblegum, and Fuschia. Supertunia Mini Vista petunias are mounded but will spill over the edges of containers. They are great container plants and function as both spillers and fillers in combination planters. They are densely branched plants and have small to tiny flowers, smaller than standard petunia blossoms. Mini Vista series petunias also have a slightly smaller stature. Supertunia Vistas grow up to 2’ tall and 3’ spread. Mini Vistas grow up to 1’ tall and 2’ spread.

Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo has deep blue-purple flowers that transform over time to give a mixture of deep indigo shades mixed with lighter hues. Indigo is one of seven members of the current Proven Winners Supertunia Mini Vista Series: hardy, vigorous, densely branched and prolifically flowering petunias that will perform well in any Louisiana garden.