Happy Faces at the January 2022 Meeting

Happy faces, lovely vignettes and an informative presentation by LSUAg Center’s Anna Timmerman were the highlights of our January meeting at Mary Hines’ beautiful home!








GCA Medal of Merit Awarded to Barbara Bush

Bev Church (left) and Ashley Bright (right) pose with Barbara Bush and her GCA Medal of Merit, which she was awarded for her outstanding leadership of Zone IX. Congratulations, Barbara!

Our Jovial January Gathering

Our January 2021 meeting included a fabulous the tour of the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden led by Pam Buckman. Thanks to Ashley Bright and Maria Wisdom for sharing these great pictures of our members enjoying the experience!







Drumroll, Please! 2021 Zone IX Meeting and Flower Show Logo

We present the logo for our March 2021 Zone IX Meeting and Flower Show! NOTG Design Dream Team Katie Rafferty and Elizabeth Crawford created the Salute logo to express a positive, dynamic logo that includes two of our Louisiana natives. Sarracenia and palmetto burst from the logo, standing at attention and saluting our guests.

Stay tuned for more news as planning for the 2021 meeting moves forward, and please tell Elizabeth and Katie how wonderful they are!

Memories of Our March Meeting

Remembering the fun and friendship shared at our March meeting and looking forward to the day when we will gather again!








A Tisket, a Tasket, January Baskets!

What a way to start the new year! Nickie Lane and her hostess committee welcomed members to the home of Kathy Eastman.

Members enjoyed presentations from our scholarship awardee on his coastal restoration research, and basketry artist Matt Tommey took us on a “walk in the woods” to learn about the evolution of his basketmaking, sharing his new book and a selection of his work. Matt designs from nature and often works with clients to walk their property and collect materials to incorporate into custom pieces.




Presidents Council Comes to New Orleans

​The 2019 Presidents Council brought over sixty Presidents, President Elects, Zone Reps, and GCA committee chairmen to New Orleans led by Zone IX Chairman Barbara Bush. The meeting opened with garden tours hosted by Ruthie Frierson, Sally Lapeyre, and Caroline Calhoun. Caroline Reily hosted the group for a seated dinner at the Reily home in the Garden District. Maxine Fox and Harriet Nelson also opened their gardens. The business meeting was held in the Playhouse at Longue Vue House and Gardens. Paul Soniat gave a tour of the Botanical Garden and the group visited the Enrique Alvarez garden and the new outdoor kitchen. Wednesday night dinners here hosted by Kim White and Virginia White. The wrap up meeting was at the NOPSI hotel where the group was staying. NOTG and Garden Study Club volunteers helped host the group.

Zone IX ladies were very impressed with our hospitality, the gardens, beautiful decorations, abundant flowers, and wonderful food!

Zone Meeting Flower Show Highlights!

Floral Design

  • Linda Miller, 2nd place for her beautiful two-sided arrangement for Wonders of Restoration


  • Maria Wisdom, 2nd place for her photograph of birds for Wonders of Observation

Needle Arts

  • Kathy Eastman, Honorable mention for her beetle needlepoint canvas for Wonders of Delight


  • Maxine Fox, 2nd place for her Saintpaulia, or African violet
  • Flora French, 1st place for her Sarracenia flava, or Yellow Pitcher Plant (flower)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Sarracenia leucophylla, or Red Pitcher Plant (foliage)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Pinus palustris, or Longleaf pine
  • Shane French, 3rd place for her Drosera capillaris, or Sundew
  • Catherine Freeman, 1st place for her Clivia miniata, or Bush Lily
  • Ruthie Frierson, Honorable Mention for her Aechmea fasciata, or Bromeliad
  • Chrisie Kelleher, 1st place for her Graptopetalum payaguayense, or Ghost plant
  • Paige Morrison, Honorable Mention in the Challenge Class for her Lilium matrix, or Lily
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Cunninghamia
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Trachycarpus fortunei, or Windmill Palm

Three Cheers for Chrisie and Linda for representing NOTG!

Wonders of the Wetlands 2019: Zone IX Meeting in Beaumont, Texas

A highlight of the 2019 zone meeting was celebrating with David Waggonner, a partner in the architectural firm Waggonner and Ball, when he received the Zone Civic Improvement Award at the Zone IX Awards Dinner in Beaumont.

New Orleans Town Gardeners proposed David for this award because of his visionary work with water management. After Katrina, David became a champion of solving water management problems in New Orleans and throughout the region by making water an asset not an adversary.

Congratulations David!