Zone Meeting Flower Show Highlights!

Floral Design

  • Linda Miller, 2nd place for her beautiful two-sided arrangement for Wonders of Restoration


  • Maria Wisdom, 2nd place for her photograph of birds for Wonders of Observation

Needle Arts

  • Kathy Eastman, Honorable mention for her beetle needlepoint canvas for Wonders of Delight


  • Maxine Fox, 2nd place for her Saintpaulia, or African violet
  • Flora French, 1st place for her Sarracenia flava, or Yellow Pitcher Plant (flower)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Sarracenia leucophylla, or Red Pitcher Plant (foliage)
  • Flora French, 2nd place for her Pinus palustris, or Longleaf pine
  • Shane French, 3rd place for her Drosera capillaris, or Sundew
  • Catherine Freeman, 1st place for her Clivia miniata, or Bush Lily
  • Ruthie Frierson, Honorable Mention for her Aechmea fasciata, or Bromeliad
  • Chrisie Kelleher, 1st place for her Graptopetalum payaguayense, or Ghost plant
  • Paige Morrison, Honorable Mention in the Challenge Class for her Lilium matrix, or Lily
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Cunninghamia
  • Marianne Mumford, 3rd place for her Trachycarpus fortunei, or Windmill Palm

Three Cheers for Chrisie and Linda for representing NOTG!

New Orleans Town Gardeners Flower Show Award Winners

BEST IN SHOW : Sybil Favrot & Anne Milling




Floral Design

Class 1: Traditional Mass Design

  • 1st – Ethel Clay & Pierce Jonassen
  • 3rd – Ruthie Frierson & Betsy Nalty

Class 2: Contemporary Design

  • 1st – Sybil Favrot & Anne Milling
  • Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Bush & Shameen Wrighton

Class 3: Modern Line Design

  • 1st – Lynne White
  • Honorable Mention – Mary Clare Conwill & Helaine Benjamin

Class 4:

  • 2nd – Catherine Freeman & Anne Goliwas
  • 3rd – Flora French & Harriet Nelson


Class 1

  • 3rd – Ashley Bright
  • Honorable Mention – Laurie Williams

Class 2

  • 1st – Karin Giger

Class 3

  • 1st – Maria Wisdom

Botanical Arts


  • Pierce Jonassen & Betsy Nalty
  • Katie Rafferty & Barbara Rosenberg
  • Elise Merlin & Pierce Young

Judges Commendations

  • Katie Rafferty – for her expressive and creative graphics
  • Beth Favrot – for her excellent participation as a first time scribe

A Walk in the Park Horticulture Award Winners

Class 1

  • 2nd – Sidney Thornton (Coleus)

Class 2

  • 1st – Helen Wisdom (Cypress Tree)
  • 2nd – Karin Giger

Class 3

  • 2nd – Catherine Freeman (Cast Iron, Live Oak, Spanish Moss)
  • 3rd – Paige Morrison (Purple Coneflower)

Class 6

  • Honorable Mention – Sidney Thornton
  • Honorable Mention – Catherine Freeman

Class 10

  • 1st – Cathy Pierson (New Dawn Climbing Rose)

Class 11

  • 2nd – Paige Morrison (Knockout Rose)

Class 12

  • 1st – Paige Morrison (Ginger Butterfly)
  • 2nd – Sidney Thornton (Texas Sage)
  • 3rd – Flora French (Fried Egg Plant)
  • Honorable Mention – Harriet Nelson (Hibiscus)

Class 14

  • 1st – Courtney Freeman (Satsuma)
  • 1st – Paige Morrison (Kumquat)
  • 1st – Paige Morrison (Holly)
  • 2nd – Sara Gaines (Kumquat)
  • 2nd – Cathy Pierson (Tabasco Pepper) 15
  • 2nd – Cathy Pierson (Coral Honeysuckle)
  • 3rd – Shane French (Bleeding Heartvine)
  • Honorable Mention – Paige Morrison (Wild Morning Glory)

Class 17

  • 2nd – Beth Favrot – Tarragon

Class 19

  • 2nd – Cathy Pierson (Zebra Cactus)

Class 26 – Milkweed Challenge

  • 1st – Pamela Pipes
  • 2nd – Flora French
  • 2nd – Chrisie Kelleher
  • 2nd – Ashley Bright
  • 3rd – Catherine Freeman
  • 3rd – Virginia Rowan
  • Honorable Mention – Paige Morrison, Katie Rafferty, Sidney Thornton

Joint Flower Show a Success!

What a wonderful day together. On November 13, members of the New Orleans Town Gardeners and Garden Study Club of New Orleans were welcomed by Poydras Home residents, family, and friends for “A Walk in the Park” joint flower show.

Poydras Home was a beautiful setting to showcase several categories of floral arrangements, photography, horticulture classes, and the new Botanical Arts category. Poydras Home residents participated alongside NOTG and GSC members in a floral arrangement category. The reception was a warm, lively event with members and friends ooh-ing and aah-ing over the entries.

Great thanks to the many hardworking volunteers who planned and manned the event and to all the who entered. A special “Hip Hip Hooray” to Linda Miller and Molly Baumer for serving as the NOTG cochairs of the event.

October Meeting Brings Out Our Competitive and Creative Sides!

Inside Virginia Rowan’sbeautiful home was serenity itself with Catherine calmly wielding the gavel, head hostess Chrisie Kelleher and her committee keeping everyone well fed, and members enjoying the simple and elegant arrangements dotting Virginia’s home.

Outside was another story as two teams of members vied for victory in the Great Grocery Store Flower Arranging Battle of 2018! Teams were given brightly colored fall bouquets from local grocery stores and challenged to make interesting and innovative arrangements. Laughter, creativity, and goodnatured competition ensued. Three cheers all around for the competitors and for the beautiful day we shared outside!

Zone Meeting Flower Show Honors for NOTG

With the help of NOTG members who collected and prepped specimens in Katie’s studio before the show, Katie Rafferty, our Horticulture Delegate, presented your NOTG specimens to take 6 ribbons. We are often able to drive specimens to zone meetings, but not this year! Katie reports sinking feelings when they were asked to deplane in Atlanta, and she imagined all of the NOTG specimens wilting away in the cargo hold. Thanks to great plant stock (and a little gin added to the water), our club received the following honors:

  • First place ribbon awarded for Sidney Thornton’s calla lily
  • Second place ribbons awarded to specimens from Midge Morse, Carro Gardner, Flora and Shane French, and Harriet Nelson
  • Third place ribbon awarded to a specimen from Carro Gardner
  • Finally, Barbara Rosenberg, our Floral Design Delegate, won BIG with a Blue Ribbon and the Sandra Baylor Novice Design Award for her floral design!


2017-2018 GCA and Club Awards

The May Meeting provided a convivial setting to celebrate members for their contributions and achievements during the year.

Front Row: Linda Bjork, Conservation Appreciation; Paige Morrison, GCA Horticulture Award and Recording Secretary Appreciation; Betty Hope, Corresponding Secretary Appreciation; Linda Miller, Scholarship Appreciation

Second Row: Bev Church, GCA Club Appreciation; Catherine Freeman, Program Chairman Appreciation; Ashley Bright, GCA Club Appreciation and GCA Floral Design Achievement; Karin Giger Eustis, Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award; Rosemonde Capomazza, Visiting Gardens Appreciation

3rd Row: Lulie McDonald, GCA 40 Year Service Award; Kay Rapier, By-Laws and Parliamentarian Appreciation; Pam Bryan, GCA Club Appreciation;

Back Row: Lynne White, GCA 40 Year Service Award; Dee McCloskey, GCA Communications Award