Three Cheers for Heart of the Park!

Hip Hip Hooray for our Sponsor Committee superstars for all those ta-bles and our Seating whizzes for keeping them straight! 

Hip Hip Hooray for an auction full of irresistible items! 

Hip Hip Hooray for our community projects army of decorators, armed with glue guns, moss balls, and snake boots! 

Let’s make it four cheers: 

Hip Hip Hooray for our chairs who led with grace and joy! Huzzah! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the luncheon by volunteer-ing, purchasing a ticket, and getting into the spirit of things with your hat. It was another wonderful day, and as the receipts are tallied, we anticipate a financial success for City Park’s urban forest and for our club’s community projects! 

Heart of the Park Luncheon 2023

Friends of City Park and NOTG hosted the 2023 Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon at the City Park Conservatory. Through this event we have raised thousands of dollars for the trees of City Park and the projects of NOTG. The luncheon was a huge success! Thank you to all who contributed and attended.

City Park Tree Projects Made Possible by the 2018 Hat Luncheon

Half of the proceeds of the 2018 Hat Luncheon went to City Park, and many of the funded projects have been completed. In addition to planting twenty 30-gallon Live Oak trees, City Park has used Hat Luncheon funding to complete much needed tree removal and pruning of vines, palms, and water oaks in several areas of the park, including the Great Lawn, the Boat House area, and the island across from the Peristyle.

Poor drainage threatens the health of some of the park’s oaks, and upcoming projects include drainage improvement at the festival grounds and near Big Lake to maintain live oak health.

Visit City Park and take a look around—you made a difference there by participating in the 2018 Luncheon—and there is more to do in 2019!

Joint Flower Show a Success!

What a wonderful day together. On November 13, members of the New Orleans Town Gardeners and Garden Study Club of New Orleans were welcomed by Poydras Home residents, family, and friends for “A Walk in the Park” joint flower show.

Poydras Home was a beautiful setting to showcase several categories of floral arrangements, photography, horticulture classes, and the new Botanical Arts category. Poydras Home residents participated alongside NOTG and GSC members in a floral arrangement category. The reception was a warm, lively event with members and friends ooh-ing and aah-ing over the entries.

Great thanks to the many hardworking volunteers who planned and manned the event and to all the who entered. A special “Hip Hip Hooray” to Linda Miller and Molly Baumer for serving as the NOTG cochairs of the event.

Botanical Arts Workshop

New Orleans Town Gardener Courtney Freeman and Garden Study Club member Liz Sloss arranged a recent Botanical Arts Workshop at the New Orleans Fine Arts Academy. The workshop was led by Marsha Cannon, a member of the Garden Club of Jackson and a respected botanical arts expert. The beautiful jewelry featured below represented Marsha’s craftsmanship and artistry with natural materials.

Six NOTG members and six GSC members participated to hone their skills. We can’t wait to see their handiwork at the November Flower Show!

GCA Impact by the Numbers

Members of The Garden Club of America – 200 clubs and nearly 18,000 club members across the country – are engaged in far-reaching efforts to promote the knowledge and love of gardening and to restore, improve and protect the environment. The impact in just the last year alone is impressive. Here are the numbers:


worked with a community garden


worked in or with school gardens


worked in local or national parks


supported gardens at a historic site


offered lectures, conferences, workshops and programs


offered a photography show or demonstration for the public


offered programs for youth or underserved populations


planted trees, adding more than 4000 new trees in the past year


removed invasive species


planted natives or wildflowers


worked on pollinator gardens


propagated plants

Combined, GCA clubs donated approximately $700,000 in local grants, scholarships, and internships. GCA clubs reported donations of over $5 million to civic and community projects.