2017-2018 GCA and Club Awards

2017-2018 GCA and Club award recipients

The May Meeting provided a convivial setting to celebrate members for their contributions and achievements during the year.

Front Row: Linda Bjork, Conservation Appreciation; Paige Morrison, GCA Horticulture Award and Recording Secretary Appreciation; Betty Hope, Corresponding Secretary Appreciation; Linda Miller, Scholarship Appreciation

Second Row: Bev Church, GCA Club Appreciation; Catherine Freeman, Program Chairman Appreciation; Ashley Bright, GCA Club Appreciation and GCA Floral Design Achievement; Karin Giger Eustis, Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award; Rosemonde Capomazza, Visiting Gardens Appreciation

3rd Row: Lulie McDonald, GCA 40 Year Service Award; Kay Rapier, By-Laws and Parliamentarian Appreciation; Pam Bryan, GCA Club Appreciation;

Back Row: Lynne White, GCA 40 Year Service Award; Dee McCloskey, GCA Communications Award